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I am a notebook lover. I have more than 30 notebooks on my desk. I have them in all sizes, colors, with a grid and also without it. I’m in love with them. I like to write my thoughts and check them from time to time to remember my dreams.

When I decided to start my entrepreneur project I thought that I had to do it for one of the things I love the most. In 2015 I founded Carmin. A company dedicated to design and produce notebooks. In collaboration with visual artists, we created three notebook collections. The first one was inspired by the Latin-American cultural scene. Then, we decided to produce for the scholar market. Finally, we created a collection inspired in the Colombian Amazon. We attended art fairs to commercialize our products and manage to exhibit our Carmin notebooks in concept stores in Bogota.

This was an enriching moment of my professional career. I gain experience in production processes, management tasks, and social media marketing. Furthermore, my abilities as a designer were also enriched. I learn to lead a team, to guide design concepts and conceptualize themes for the collections.