Hello, I am Angela. A research lover,
a system thinker
and a strategist.


  • User Research

    Based on qualitative research methods I support teams to structure research processes, transform data into valuable user insights and communicate them to multidisciplinary teams.

  • Creative facilitation

    I lead co-creative work sessions for research, ideation, and synthesis with teams and various stakeholders. I apply service design, design thinking and agile methods to help teams deliver faster and more efficiently.

  • Social Impact

    By understanding design as a tool for social transformation, I evaluate the impact that solutions are having on the communities I work with. I reflect and iterate on practices, methodologies, and personal mindsets.

As a creative facilitator, I rely on Post-its to visualize collective thinking. I empower teams to be concise and precise in their ideas when working together. I carefully plan every step of the workshop in my Moleskine dotted paper book and spark my creativity while listening to Chopin.


  • Cheil MDLab

    My work with a team of architects translating brand messages into space

  • Al-Yasmine

    Design of a community space for a Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

  • Mapamelt

    A research project presented at Biennale di Venezia '17 to question the future of identity

  • ORI

    A social innovation project that helps elders and their families to plan their future

  • Silicone Riot

    A project to empower women to protest against body modification in advertising

  • Design Manifesto

    A reflection on personal and professional practices as a strategic designer


  • Introducing Design Thinking to a team of space designers at Cheil Germany.

  • A reflection of IFA 2019 from the Human Center Design approach.

  • Co-Jam session with Cheil Germany: Understanding brands as services.

  • Podcast Interview

    Diseno y Diáspora: Diseno para refugiados.

  • MeetUp group organizer

    The Design Thinkers in Frankfurt am Main.

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  • Jamming with the service Design community of Berlin.

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