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Embodying Reconciliation

Art direction for Embodying Reconciliation

Embodying Reconciliation is a team of artists and humanists dedicated to bodily research as a path to develop an integrated and comprehensive ethic of the personal care, forgiveness, and respect for others and the world around us. Their work consists to design, implement, and promote educational, cultural and therapeutic strategies which can create and support processes of personal healing and collective resilience. Embodying leads sustainable peacemaking processes and fosters harmonic coexistence in situations of conflict around the world by developing projects that promote reconciliation through the body as a basis for social change.

I led this group of contemporary dancers in the creation of a corporate identity that allowed them to position themselves in the market. Jointly we develop a strategy of communication that was inspired in the body as a medium to heal people that live in situations of conflict. The logo has the initial word R that stands for reconciliation, one of the biggest challenges for this organization to achieve within their work.

Project by: Angela Garcia
Photos by: Yurany Pabon